Important Instructions

1: None of the candidate will be allowed to appear in any test without provision of Printed Copy of Roll Number Slip, original CNIC, (in case of non availability of CNIC, Valid Passport or Driving License is mandatory).

2: None of the candidate will be allowed to appear in any test at test centres premises 10 minutes after the commencement of test timing.In order to avoid missing the opportunity or any other inconveniences please report in the duly mentioned “Reporting Time” over Roll Number Slip.

3. Electronic gadgets including any kind of Mobile Phones, Bluetooth Devices and weapons are strictly prohibited in test centres, defaulters will face strict penalty of getting blacklisted and will be handed over to the local Police station.

4. Any kind of impersonation is strictly not allowed and prohibited, in case of finding impersonation cases, FIR will be lodged against the defaulters by HTS.


Hiring Testing Services (HTS) is an auxiliary unit within innovative education. It supports the Pakistan’s strategic efforts to ensure student success and program innovation by administering tests and assessments for Admissions, Scholarships, Recruitment,Pre employment exams and Promotion Purposes for numerous agencies, businesses and institutions. Students and professionals alike may take advantage of Hiring Testing Services' portfolio of exams advertised for fulfilling various vacant positions in each and every department all over the Pakistan.

Hiring Testing Service (HTS), being Pakistan's first, and self-sustained testing organization conducts tests and assessments for admissions, scholarships, and recruitment purposes. It is governed by a Board of Directors of HTS.
To secure the better future of the citizens by providing quality educational and professional testing and assessment services, and merit based results in Pakistan. HTS applying “No compromise on merit” principles to set and maintain such standard of the education that provides the educated and qualified candidates on merit without any equivocation to the public and private sector organizations.
Our focus is to provide the best flexible strategy, transparency, and commitment through integrity, trust, and openness. HTS Testing Services is committed to facilitating and supporting the achievement of professional / personal educational goals of all test candidates in Pakistan, while maintaining an optimum, secure, standardized testing environment.
The results are delivred in 24 wroking hours which is a record achivment on national level.







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